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Fallen - Part 6 by KoDraCan Fallen - Part 6 by KoDraCan
Fallen - Part 5
Credit for Rigged/Ported Models
BG -A Generous Porter
Cyrax - Snoop
Sektor - Fullmoon

Two Days After Cyrax's Release, West Riverfront

As the sun was setting over the riverbank, Sektor reclined back into the tall grass. The west well was one of the few places within his father's kingdom that Sektor often escaped to to be alone with his thoughts. As a child, Sektor often hid here to escape the watchful eyes of the high-ranking assassins that wer supposed to babysit him. He would play here, and watch the ships to ease his loneliness. As he got older, his visits to this place were few and far between, the well no longer yielded drinkable water and very few ships crossed this river, but being in this place calmed him. It was here and here alone that he could reflect...and understand his thoughts.

It was here some time ago that he realized that all the years of friendship he shared with Cyrax...he had fallen in love with the other man. Had it not been for Cyrax's 'chi', he would have lost him in those god-forsaken ruins. His own ignorance of 'chi' was somewhat to blame as well; he hadn't paid serious attention to the danger of the attack until his friend pushed him out of the way to save him. The fact that he did so surprised Sektor, even now.

They did have an argument prior to entering the ruins; there was anger, but the mission was at hand, and the anger--and the subject of their argument--forgotten. Even when his friend was drifting off to oblivion, Sektor couldn't bring himself to tell him what the other man really meant to him. He began to wonder if he ever would..

"I thought I'd find you here."Cyrax was crossing the bridge to join his friend. Speak of the Devil. Sektor's attention remained focused on the sky as the other man joined him in the tall grass.

"Hou, we need to talk."
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